What's in my Beach Bag + Beach Trip Must Haves

Once Summer arrives, I pretty much keep a beach bag packed and 90% ready to go all of the time.  It makes it easy if we are trying to walk out the door to go to the pool, out on the boat, or to the beach.  I try to keep the process stream lined; but no doubt, I am always running around filling up drink cups, making sure I have bottles, and plenty of snacks to last for the trip.

Since we are headed to the beach for vacation soon, I thought I would share my Beach Bag essentials plus a few other items that I've found to make our life easier while we're at the beach. 

Beach Bag Essentials

Other items I try to always have too: 
Baby Powder - the best for removing sand off
{swim} Diapers  & Diapers - always need diapers
Wipes - for changing diapers and washing hands
Baby Food Packets- easy to squeeze in their mouths and both kids like them
On The Go Formula- I try to keep the cartons of pre-made formula on hand so I can throw them in the bag on the go and can just pour them straight into a bottle when needed. 

Mac Sports Wagon || Tommy Bahama Beach Cart
I decided to go with the Sport Wagon to use for dragging stuff to the beach because I think it's easier if you are having to go up and down stairs to the beach and I also liked it because I can use it as a place for Madelyn to nap at the beach once it is empty.  I just throw a towel down and drag it under the umbrella and she has her own little port-a-crib :)

These little blow up pools are great to take to the beach for young kids.  You can fill it with a little water, or not depending what you want to use it for.  I love that it keeps the kids enclosed.  I also love this for our beach vacation because we can stick it in our back yard at the house and let the kids enjoy it there too! 

I ordered this for our trip to Destin a couple of weeks ago and it was great.  It is super easy to inflate and comes with a pump and small travel bag to keep everything in.  My son still flips and flops all over the bed, so it gave me just enough confidence that he wouldn't fall out of the bed.  I love this for travel and could work well at home too.  You place it right underneath the fitted sheet so you don't even have to see it.  

I love this bag so much because it's a great price and it fits a TON.  It has small compartments all along the inside and a great clip to put your car keys on so you don't lose them! 

I have several of these bags and use them for everything.  Snacks, wet swim suits, dirty diapers, bottles, whatever...

I used to think these shoes were kind of ugly, but once Brody got a pair from my Mom; I totally changed my mind.  I see why they are so popular.  They are so easy to slip on his feet and are perfect for the beach or pool.  

I'm pretty obsessed with these because of course they look adorable, but they also have the most amazing refund policy.  All you have to do is register your glasses and if they are lost or broken within one year, Babiators will send you a brand new pair! How nice is that??
We love these cute towels that come in lots of different styles.  They are on sale right now and are perfect for summer pool days and parties!
I always try and keep hats for the kids in our beach bag.  Brody is pretty terrible about keeping one on, but Madelyn will let me wrap these bonnets on her.  I love these because it covers her face, but also lets her see out the front without flopping in her face!

I know several of you have already taken a trip to the beach this summer.  What am I missing for a week at the beach with a {almost} 3 year old and a 9 month old??

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  1. Cool post! I really like those slip on croc-looking shoes. I need a wet bag! It would be so helpful!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I'm a newbie to taking kiddos/babies to the beach so this was very helpful! I added a few things to my Amazon wish list! I just ordered a pair of natives so I can't wait to see how they work out!

  3. You're so lucky to have a beach closeby! We are hoping to plan a beach vacation this fall, so this post is perfect and so helpful!

  4. LOVING the blow up bed rail! Linking up today =0)

  5. I'm obsessed with my Lands End tote - they are so perfect for everything in the summer. Those wet bags looks so handy, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  6. Great list!! We just got back from the ocean and my must have items were... sand/water toys, sunscreen that we could apply to wet skin for those times we needed to reapply, water bottles, extra diapers and wipes and ziploc bags - for shells, wet things, to keep dry things dry, etc. I bet the baby pool would be tons of fun and the wagon that doubles as a beach crib sounds wonderful for littles. Great idea!! We have lands end totes for overnight bags, but I've not seen this HUGE version. I'm going to have to put it on my mom wish list :)

  7. Do you find the Mac Sports Wagon works well on sand? I wanted to get that but my husband was concerned the wheels weren't thick enough to travel across sand well. Thanks!

  8. Our beach essentials look pretty spot on! haha! I have to say I love Native haha! They are Charli's favorite shoes and to be honest I kind of think she rocks her smocked dresses and her Natives together for school haha! ;) The only other thing I do if we are just doing a random beach day is I always bring a gallon of water and leave it in the car for when we return back (i sometimes find the showers to be a pain with little ones), this way I can strip them naked do a good rinse, dry, and put fresh clean clothes on them! Works like a charm!

  9. Nice selection, def beach musts!! I am loving the babiators! Thank you for hosting the linkup!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  10. We really need one of those carts to haul our crap to the baseball park!

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