Our Weekend | Pensacola Wedding Extravaganza

Hi Friends! Sorry for the lack of posts around here.  Life got a little wild the last week as my best friend since age 5, got married! She's the one in white below and actually met her now husband on my bachelorette party in Las Vegas four years ago! Crazy, right?  So cool, really. 

Her hubby is from Perth, Australia and they have been living over there together now for about 3 years.  She got married here in our hometown of Pensacola this past weekend and the weekend before that, we actually celebrated her bachelorette party in New Orleans.  So literaly, the celebrations have been going on all week long!

How cute is her outfit? She's living in Australia so all of her adorable outfits aren't easy to find around the states and her wedding dress which you will see below was actually designed by her!  It's absolutely stunning. 

This breakfast was the perfect after bachelorette party food!  Fried Chicken biscuit with tabasco honey and the most amazing grits ever. 

The kids were pretty cute this week.  I got to snuggle and play with them in between parties!

We had the bridesmaid luncheon Wednesday afternoon at So Gourmet on Palafox.  It was such a fun party with all the girls to kick off the next few days.  

Lilly Rachelle Dress (also comes in Navy) 

How beautiful is her dress again??

Wednesday night a bunch of people that were already in town for the wedding (a bunch of Australians!) went to the baseball game to watch the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.   Brody was excited to go to his first game of the season. 

My babysitter took some of the cutest darn pictures of Madelyn while she was watching her last week.  She told me that she used to do photography a few years ago and then sent me these stunning photos of Madelyn from around the house.  I can't wait to share all of them with you.  It was such a sweet surprise!

Thursday night was a gorgeous Rehearsal dinner at her parents house out on Pensacola Beach.  I hate that I didn't get better photos from the night, but here's a sweet picture of the happy couple.  Elizabeth is wearing a halter top that she made from her Mother's Wedding dress.  Is that amazing or what?  I loved that idea.  

Friday was wedding day and we all headed to her Mom's house early that morning to start getting ready for the big day.  She looked absolutely stunning!!  How about that dress???

She had these gorgeous flowers shipped in from Australia to be a part of the big day.  This was our bouquet.  It was awesome.  

My phone died before we got to the reception, so I don't have any good photos from the reception either.  It was gorgeous at 5eleven on Palafox.  

You can tell by the end of the night, I may have had a few too many vodka/sodas.  But that wet spot on my dress wasn't from me!!!

I hope to be back to blogging again this week!! 


  1. OMG her wedding dress is STUNNING!! Wow! You cannot beat best friends' weddings... such fun times!

  2. Oh goodness...I want ALL of Elizabeth's looks! She is gorgeous!

  3. O.M.G! I seriously cant even take all the gorgousness in just one post! Seriously I want all of her outfits! haha! Congrats to your bestie! My best friend since age 7 is getting married at the end of the year and I cannot even wait!!!! eeeek!

  4. Oh my goodness what an amazing week celebrating! So cool they met during your bachelorette party! She does have the best clothes and her wedding dress is gorgeous!!!

  5. That looks like such a fun weekend! Your friend has such a talent for fashion! xo, Laura

  6. What a stunning wedding dress! All of her white outfits were amazing!

  7. Oh my word, ALL of her dresses were absolutely stunning!! Loved the bridesmaid dresses too! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture

  8. What a FUN weekend... love all the differewnt outfits!