No Two Babies are the Same

I started typing this post up a little while ago and just let my fingers run as I quickly typed up the first things that came to mind when I look at the differences between the two kids.   Even if you think comparing your kids is a bad thing, there is no way to avoid it.  For the first baby, you have nothing to compare them to except maybe the baby books you've read or other kids close to their age.  With the second child, it's so easy to compare them to your first.  Even though I knew they would be different, you still expect some things to be the same.   Here's my list so far which is mostly just for my memory to look back on, but I thought some of you might enjoy too :)

Brody took one long nap a day (even as a baby) and Madelyn takes 2 short naps a day.

Brody slept through the night fairly consistently starting at 2 months old and Madelyn was inconsistent until 6 months.

Madelyn is a total Mama's girl and Brody was not.

Brody fussed a lot. Madelyn fusses a bit less.

Brody gagged a lot once he started solids.  Madelyn never does.

Madelyn still spits up at 6 months old.  Brody was never really a spit up baby.

Brody was a good sleeper at night from the day we brought him home from the hospital.  Madelyn had her days and nights mixed up for the first two weeks.

Brody slept great in the Rock N Sleeper for the first month next to our bed.  Madelyn did okay, but she would have much rather slept in my arms all night long.

Brody loved his bottle so much and sucked it right down.  Madelyn gets distracted easily and can take awhile to get a bottle down.

Brody started sitting up at 5 months.  Madelyn 6 months.

Madelyn started crawling at 7 months.  Brody closer to 8 months.

Brody's first word was Dada.  Madelyn's first word is BaBa (bottle).

Do you compare one kid to another?  I know I'm not the only one :)

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  1. How funny that her first word was bottle!
    Georgia didn't sleep through the night really until 18 months and she wouldn't eat anything besides Cheerios until she was 2. Hoping I get the opposite this next time around! On the other hand, she was very easy and never fussed, so I may be in for a wild ride.


  2. I think you couldn't help it having 2 kiddos! I compare Jack to other kids his age & I really shouldn't!!

  3. Love reading these comparisons...and I'm cracking up thinking Madelyn is a girl after her own heart, going for food (Baba) over a man (Dada)!

  4. You're so not the only one to compare! I do it all the time!

  5. I do all the time, I try not to but it's hard! Miller was just so much faster at doing things and more physical, I swear Miller was running by 18 months and Matthew still walks like a wobbly baby most of the time. Their personalities couldn't be more different either. It's so crazy how different kids can be.