Scenes from Our Weekend

Happy February 1st to all of you!! Even though February can be cold and dreary, it's always a pretty exciting month around here.  Both Matt and I celebrate our birthday's this month plus we usually have Mardi Gras festivities, Super Bowl parties and Valentine's Day to look forward to.  So I'm hoping for a fun month ahead...

As far as our weekend goes though, we really had quite a boring couple of days as we nursed a sick Brody back to good health. Somehow I still managed to take a few snap shots in between wiping up snot and distributing medicine to the poor kid!

We snuck out to a Barry Manilow concert on Thursday night at the last minute and I can honestly say we had a blast!! It's Barry's last tour (he's 72 ya'll!) and I was surprised with how many songs I actually knew.  My Dad loved him some Barry and Matt was excited to go, so off we went.  We enjoyed a quick dinner and drinks and were serenaded by Barry for the rest of the evening :)

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Friday was long as Brody woke up with bad cough in the middle of the night and continued to have high fever, bad cough, and snotty nose for the rest of the weekend.  Plus, he continued to wake up every night this weekend right around 3am and all he wanted was to get in the bath with me.  It was so sad and pathetic; but he was so achy, I think it was the only thing that made him feel better. 

I got dressed Friday because we had plans to run some errands, but it because clear quickly that we were better off hanging at home for the day.

If you follow on Instagram (@homeofmalones), you may have seen this picture of me surrenduring to the fact that nothing was going to get accomplished with a 4 month old and sick toddler at home.  It was best for all of us for me to sit around with them all day and soak in  all the snuggles I could take!

Saturday morning I was up with Brody at 6:15 after we had been up a lot during the night with his nasty cough.  I was tired, but yet was surprised by my energy if that makes any sense at all.  I snuck out around 8am for a quick jog and a little me time.  It was a warm and gorgeous morning and exactly what I needed to start off the day with a clear head!

My Mom was flying back home Saturday after being gone for 2 weeks, so I was so excited to see her.  Madelyn and I got dressed and headed to a cute kids trunk show at a friend of mine's house and then snagged my Mom from the airport.  

After picking up my Mom, we ran in Fresh Market to grab a few things and I picked Matt and I up a rack of lamb for dinner.  Ya'll, I've always wanted to cook these myself and have been too intimated to do so; but I'm so happy I finally did.  They were AMAZING.  I can't wait to share the recipe with you tomorrow!! 

Sunday was a day of exhaustion.  We had now been woken up 3 nights in a row with Brody's cough and fever and it was all catching up to us.  I was so tired on Sunday, I could barely function.

My Mom was so sweet to take Brody for most of the morning until nap time and I snuggled and played with this gal! This cute play seat below is a new favorite of ours.  I didn't have this with Brody and I'm kind of obsessed with it now.  I move it all around the house when I need her to sit and play for a bit and she's loving it more and more everyday.  

By Sunday evening, Matt and I were ready to enjoy ourselves a little bit and I whipped up these amazing martinis if I do say so myself!!

I'm going to call it the Malone Martini because I don't have a better name for it...

 Malone Martini 
1.5 oz Vodka
1/4 ounce St. Germain
1.5 oz fresh squeezed Orange Juice
1 oz Pink Grapefruit juice
Lime to garnish

Shake everything together with ice and strain into martini glass!

Let's pray for a healthy week ahead and most of all pray that Madelyn, Matt or I don't end up with this crud Brody has....

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  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry he was so sick! Walker was sick like that a few weeks ago and it's just the WORST! I hope he's on the mend and y'all get to catch up on some rest. I can't wait to try that martini in May! ;)

  2. It is the worst when the littles are sick. One, because it's just awful to see them not feeling well. And two, because it always ends up being an exhausting ordeal for the mamas. So sorry Brody hasn't been well and hoping that he is back to 100% soon (and that none of you guys catch it!) That martinin looks delish!:)

  3. Sorry for the sick kiddo-- he looks adorable in his little pj's though, sick or not!! Love your colorful puffer vest! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture

  4. I hope Brody feels better soon! St. Germain is one of my favorites and I love to top off any liquor drink with it! I will definitely be trying this one! xoxo

  5. I hope Brody feels better soon! That lamb dish looks so good, can't wait for the recipe! And I really want that cocktail! I may have to make one without the vodka ;)

  6. Praying you don't catch that nasty virus! Loving your outfits as always and is it too early for one of those martinis?! Yum!

  7. Awwww poor Brody! Hope he feels better soon, and everyone else stays healthy. Those martinis look DELISH! Cheers to a fabulous week <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. I'm so sorry Brody was so sick!! Hope your week gets back to normal soon! That seat looks so fun! And I LOVE anything with St. Germain :)

  9. I definitely need to try my hand at a Malone martini ;) I hope Brody is feeling better, it's so sad when they're sick, literally breaks my heart! You're looking (and doing!) great mama! xo

  10. Sounds like y'all will have an exciting Feb!! Sorry Brody was sick all weekend, so sad when the littles are sick! Love your yellow vest outfit!

  11. You have so many fun plans coming up in February! Sorry Brody was sick!