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Hi friends!  I'm here finally above water for a little bit.  Thank you for all the sweet comments and texts yesterday wishing me well with two sick babies.  I thought one sick baby was awful and then I had two.  It's so sad and so hard.  But I sure did appreciate your words of encouragement and I think we made big strides to getting healthy today! 

I'm giving you mostly a quick iPhone dump from the week to catch you up.  

If it wasn't for the two grandmother's in my life, I'm not sure how I would have made it through the last week.  Honest to goodness.  Every day I think and pray for my friends that have kids without their parents close by because I truly couldn't imagine.  Mine are so helpful and keep me sane.   I feel so lucky.  My Mom made sure I was getting my nutrients this week and kept me well fed with healthy meals like this eggless "egg salad" wrap! Both Grandma's were here on a dime whenever I needed help with the kiddos and felt completely exhausted. It was amazing. 
My MIL with the babies! 

So we were at the Pediatrician office 3 times in the last week.  I took Brody last Friday to get his ears checked out because he had been working a running nose for a bit and started a cough.  Madelyn was still well at this point.  Matt was out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Madelyn woke up early Wednesday morning with a cough and I knew it was trouble.  I immediately take both of them back to the pediatrician to get checked out.  Madelyn has RSV like symptoms and so does Brody, so they both get put on breathing treatments.  Madelyn's ears look clear and Brody's ears look worse even though he started antibiotics last Friday.  It's Friday and both kids still are really sick and I hate the idea of going through the whole weekend without having them checked out again.  I take them back to the pediatrician this Friday and now Madelyn has double ear infection and Brody's ears are still bad.  They both get shots of antibiotics and continue on the breathing treatments.  It's so sad to watch them in pain, but it's now (sunday) and Brody is a new man and Madelyn is hopefully on her way to recovery.  Pray for sleep tonight!

It was pretty brutal Wednesday evening when I had these two sick kiddos by myself.  I posted this photo on instagram and overtime I see it, it makes me laugh.  I had just given Madelyn her first dose of Tylenol because she was in so much pain and pretty much the entire thing ended up on her outfit which is why she is completely unbuttoned.  Brody demanded that he wanted pancakes for dinner and I decided to concede because I needed to burn some more time before bath time.  I get the kids involved in pancake making (Brody was kindly teaching Madelyn in this picture) and after they are all done, Brody decides he doesn't want them and tells me to throw them away!! #shootme

I feel certain I'm probably way late to the game here, but do you girls follow Kayla_itsines??  I love her feed because it's so inspirational and her app is awesome.  It is so well done and has amazing recipes and easy to follow workouts to do each week.  They are great for me because you can do them at home and they are only 28 minutes long.  The app also keeps track of your workouts for you which is great for being held accountable! Apparently there is a whole thing called #thekaylamovement.  Go check it out if you are unfamiliar! And look at her bod....

And at the end of the day, as hard as motherhood is; I continue to try to raise them with grace and humility and I hope they turn out to be happy, well-rounded kids. 
Here is to a better week ahead!! Happy Super Bowl Weekend!
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  1. So glad the kids are feeling better - what a rough week!!

  2. Glad the babies are feeling better. That is just the worst thing every when they're sick! Hope you get some rest this week!

  3. What a week friend. Hoping the weekend brought good healthy, sleep, and healthy babies that are back to normal! My two are sick now and I am praying it is nothing and just a minor cold. Fingers crossed.

  4. Just getting to this. I'm so sorry for a shitty week but this too shall pass! Thinking about you girl (and very, very jealous that you have your mom and mother in law....an enormous blessing especially when things go crazy!).

  5. Oh man, what a week! I hope everyone is feeling better this morning!