Scenes from Our Weekend

I had every intention of posting my 2016 goals last week for Thoughts for Thursday and then the entire week felt like it slipped away from me.  

Me, my Mom and Madelyn packed up on Wednesday for a little road trip to New Orleans.  Just packing me and Madelyn (for 2 days) still took an entire morning and was exhausting, but I'm so glad we did it.  

It was Madelyn's first trip to New Orleans and we had such a fun time just us girls.  I was throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends in New Orleans on Thursday night, so we decided to enjoy ourselves for two nights in the city.  Madelyn was a champ.  We took her to lunch at our favorite spot uptown, Clancy's, and we dragged her to several cute stores on Magazine St.  

The shower itself was gorgeous.  It was a cocktail party celebrating the beautiful Mama to be and I'm not sure that I've ever seen a baby that is so loved!  There were 20 hosts if that tells you anything at all :)  

Mama of Honor...
all the hosts!

We got back Friday evening just in time to enjoy the weekend home with Matt and Brody.  I was so exhausted that night and was so excited to sleep in my own bed.  Matt picked up Carrabba's and we called it an early night.  

We got a babysitter Saturday night (the first time with someone beside's family since having two kids) and we went to dinner and the Pensacola Symphony with family that night.  It was actually very enjoyable.  I hadn't been to the Symphony since I was pregnant with Brody.  

Sunday we had a pretty lazy day, but had the family over for football and dinner that night.  I'm looking forward to the week, but then gearing up for another action-packed weekend next week!  

Hope you have a great week! 

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  1. How fun! Hope he babysitter was great! Xo

  2. So glad you got a fun weekend with your mom and baby! Great memories

  3. That's awesome that you go to the symphony! We need as many young patrons as possible to support the arts!

  4. So many gorgeous ladies! M is starting to look so much like you... I felt like she looked more like your hubs until recently. So so cute!

  5. What a fun little trip to celebrate your friend! The symphony sounds like a blast!

  6. I absolutely love that you did a girls' trip with M and your mama! What a fun adventure and I just got that DVF dress, it looks amazing on you!