Five on Friday | Photos from our Week + Blog Sponsor

It's time for some Five on Friday, so I thought I would share a few images from our CRAZY little week!! 

Monday morning we headed to our 39 week OB appointment and next thing we knew, we were sent over to Labor and Delivery to have a baby!! I certainly plan to share her birth story whenever I can get my act together! 

We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday morning which was so nice because sleeping in a hospital is a total joke!  You or the baby are constantly being interrupted all day and all night.  Both my Mom and Matt's Mom are here to help, so were so lucky to have the extra hands!

{please ignore all of our double chins in this photo! never let the photographer take pictures from below you!!! haha}

We walked into the front door and Brody and Bella (the dog) greeted Madelyn with such enthusiasm. They were so cute and so excited!!  He was pretty excited to be a big brother!!

Thursday morning Brody came strolling into our bedroom and for about an hour, my heart seriously felt like it could explode.  We had the whole family hanging out in the bed and Brody couldn't stop loving on his sister.  It was the sweetest moments having us all together and being so thankful for our healthy little family. 

With all the sweetness of being a big brother, there will certainly be some trials and tribulations along the way.  We put Brody down for his nap Thursday afternoon and he wanted NONE OF IT.  He climbed out of his crib after about 30 minutes of talking to all his animal friends and took it upon himself not to nap.  Matt took him back into his bedroom to lie back down and after about 30 minutes, I look on the monitor and find these two passed out together in Brody's big boy bed.  They slept like that for hours....I hated to see Brody trying to rebel against nap time (he's never climbed out of the crib before when he's supposed to be napping) and hopefully we can keep him on track because this Mama will lose it if we lose that nap :)

I'll keep you all posted as we settle in to our new normal and appreciate all your sweet thoughts and comments for our growing family!! 

The adorable Annie from All Things Big + Small is here to share a little more about herself today too!! She happens to share my name, but also several of my passions as well as being a new Mom to two kiddos!! She's uber talented and so much fun to follow!  Enjoy learning a little about her and then be sure to pop over to her blog to say hello!! 


I'm Annie, a 28 year old stay-at-home mom of two in southeastern Wisconsin, along Lake Michigan. About a year ago, my husband and I moved from outside Chicago, where we both grew up, to our home here in southeastern Wisconsin. We love living right by Lake Michigan and our new town! I write a family lifestyle blog, All Things Big and Small


I am a proud mother to Elizabeth Bowe, my daughter, age 2.5 and my son, Jack, 4 months. We also have two lovable great danes (6 years and 4.5 years) who consistently amaze me with their gentleness. 


My main job is being a stay-at-home mom to my two kiddos and running our household. I am not a natural cook so getting dinner done every night is sometimes a chore. I would much prefer baking, but alas! We cannot survive on cookies alone!


I enjoy decorating our house and trying to squeeze in as many DIYs as I can during nap time. Our house is a work-in-progress and we are slowly putting our touch on each room. When I am not blogging or DIYing, I enjoy working out, reading, going to the pool and beach, and sailing with my family.


I started blogging when we lived in Chicago in a tiny two-flat. We had a big family, big dogs, and big ideas for style but were in a very small space (<750 sq. ft.) and on a small budget, hence the name of the blog, All Things Big and Small. My friends and family were constantly impressed at our ability to squeeze every little bit out of the space and the budget, while maintaining style. I love finding deals on clothes and accessories and try to never pay full price. So I started a blog to share our latest DIYs, deals, and happenings in the family. It is my creative outlet and I look forward to sharing my ideas and connecting with other women everyday! Sometimes it easy to feel alone but when you are able to connect with other ladies, you feel a whole lot better. Over the years I have followed so many blogs and loved watching other people's families grow so it was natural for me to want to start my own.


I write a family lifestyle blog for women who want affordable style in their home and wardrobe. Our home is a work-in-progress. We are slowly decorating it ourselves room by room, furnishing it with all of our DIYs and hand-me-downs. I love sharing our recent projects and my ideas for eventually changing the space--a girl's gotta dream! I also share my fashion picks, and try to balance investment pieces with budget finds. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to dress like one! I love JCrew, Mara Hoffman, Tory Burch, and Lilly Pulitzer but always buy it on sale. On the blog, I also try to share our everyday happenings with the kids and my latest discoveries or tricks. Believe me, our life isn't picture perfect and I am the first one to try to find the humor in a blown out diaper on a new clean dress, or shattering your glass table before Easter dinner while finishing a DIY project. With the kids, I am constantly trying to find a better system for the everyday things, whether it is fitting in a workout at home with two little ones, how to go to the beach solo with babies/toddlers, or how to save money on diapers. I try to share both my successes and my failures. I love seeing new faces around the blog, so please hop on over and take a look! Thank you Annie for having me!

Favorite Posts: 
Familly Room Progress

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Aww that warmed my heart hearing you guys all hang out as a family! What a special time. I love the coming home photos and that wreath is amazing! So exciting!!

  2. Aw love the welcome home wreath! Sleeping in the hospital was terrible, we couldn't wait to get out of there too! So glad you are all enjoying being a family of 4, hope you are feeling good!!

  3. Those pictures of B + M… I die! You look AMAZING how did you just have a baby??? Can't wait for her birth story! Xoxo

  4. Congratulations - she's beautiful! Absolutely loving that pic of Brody with his priceless expression looking at her in her carseat. So precious <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I can't wait to read your birth story! You have such a beautiful family, and Brody seems like a great big brother!

  6. so happy for you and your family!! congrats! xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness congratulations!! So happy for you!

  8. I know I already said it, but congrats!!! I love that Brody is getting into the big brother role. And your morning with all four of you in bed together sounds super cute!! Hope you get lots of rest and snuggles this weekend!

  9. Congratulations on Miss Madelyn! She is beautiful. I love how sweet of a big brother Brody is - what a sweet family :) Have a fantastic first weekend all together.

  10. Congratulations again! You are the cutest family! I want to say so many things about this post First, thank you for the wonderful introduction and feature. You are so sweet! Second, Amen to the not sleeping in the hospital. I always try to check out ASAP because I seriously get no rest there. Third, YES to the photographers photographing you from below. ALL of our wedding pictures turned out that way! Nevertheless, you all look wonderful and beaming from joy in the pictures! Fourth, Bowe did the same thing when we had Jack. I think it was all the excitement but she returned to normal within a week or two when things settled down. Now, she is starting to take shorter naps but that is not due ot his arrival (more so her growing up!) Congratulations again! Get lots of rest and accept any help that is offered! You deserve it Mama!

    xo, Annie- All Things Big and Small

  11. You look AMAZING for just having a baby!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. These pictures are so precious! Love that things are going well and Brody loves his baby sister! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  13. I love love love that overwhelming feeling of pure joy when you're all together with nowhere to be and everybody is enjoying everybody. Saturday mornings are a lot like that. Both kids usually end up in our bed so we can all sleep in and waking up is so much fun. :) Enjoy!

  14. These are the sweetest photos! I know y'all are loving this time together

  15. Super mama! I cannot even believer you are posting THE WEEK you had a baby!! All of the sweetness!!!!

  16. Congratulations on sweet Madelyn! Can't wait to read more about her! :)

  17. Congratulations!! What a beautiful family!!! :)

  18. Congrats on the baby!! She is adorable :)Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  19. Congratulations, girl! What a beautiful family! xx

  20. I'm in total awe - I cannot believe that you blogged so soon! She is beautiful and just adds to your wonderful family! Congrats again! (And hope the nap strike isn't permanent!)

  21. Congratulations!! So exciting she's finally here :) Brody is already such a great big brother - I am sure that melts your heart! You look fantastic, too!! So nice you have some extra hands to help for a while!!

  22. Such sweetness Annie! So happy you guys are settling in.

  23. And now real life begins again! Beautiful family and welcome to the world of little girls.

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