Happy Friday + Sponsor Highlight

I'm looking forward to spending our weekend at home and working on a few more things to prep for new babies arrival.   We finally got our outdoor kitchen and grill hooked up outside (picture to come soon) and we hope to break that in this weekend with a cook out.  I'm hoping for some surf and turf :)  

 As life has gotten a little busier for me and my family lately, I feel I have had a harder time getting to know new blogs like I used to.  I used to love to spend time getting to read, comment and meet new bloggers each morning (my goal was always 3), but now I'm lucky to even get to stop by a handful of my old favorites.  Allowing the sponsorships on my blog has been such a nice way to meet new faces and form an immediate connection with new bloggers as we get to email back and forth and I get a great overview of who they are from their features.

With that said,  I want to introduce you to Britanie from My Circus My Monkeys.  She is HOM's newest sponsor.  She features some delicious recipes that I drool over and has the cutest, bald headed little toddler that I could just eat right up.   I'll let her do the rest of the talking...


Hello! I’m Britanie (my step-son calls me Bert!) I am in my late 20s (yikes! when did that happen?) I live in Ontario, Canada! A place where we have 30+ degree summers and -30 degree winters! 


I am lucky enough to have found the BEST person to do life with – he supports my dreams, my craziness, and loves me for me! I am a Step-Mama to two boys, 1 growing and 1 grown. And Mama to one of my own! We have the craziest Black Lab alive, and are hoping to add more babies to our sweet family soon!


I am a Political Science Graduate, turned Insurance Broker, turned Stay-at-Home-Mom! I never thought I would want to be a SAHM, but now I can’t imagine it any other way! I love being able to spend every day at home watching my baby grow.


I love to cook! And bake. And basically just be in the kitchen! I love coming up with quick, delicious family meals. We are a busy family, and often times we are running from one thing to the other, so my family relies on me to have us fed and ready to rock! I also enjoy running, yoga, and taking pictures of my kiddos!


I have been a blog reader for years and years! It was only recently that I decided I was going to start blogging myself! I love that blogging has given me an outlet to share my life, my accomplishments, and my struggles as a Mom! I also love the chance it gives me to connect with other Moms who are in the same stages of life as me!


I would consider my blog a lifestyle blog; I post a lot of recipes, pictures of my kiddos, and just random thoughts! I love writing, and I feel like this blog with also act as somewhat of a journal for me! Since I am still relatively new to blogging, I am still testing out a couple different topic schedules and trying to find a routine that fits into my life! I want my blog to real, relatable, and a true reflection of myself and my family!

Thank you again Britanie for sponsoring!  I loved getting to know a little more about you and hope that everyone else did too!!  Be sure to stop by and tell her hello!!

I'm continuing the blog sponsorship sale through the end of August for 50% off with code HOTHOTHOT.   You can find the information here.

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  1. I have had a harder times finding and meeting new blog friends too - keeping up with my old faves takes all the time I have. Such is life, I guess! Hope you have a great weekend, Annie!:)

  2. Checked out the new blog post! Adorable little baby. Thanks for introducing Britanie. I enjoy meeting new bloggers. If we all remember back when, we wanted to be noticed too. Have a good weekend.

  3. I agree, I can't seem to keep up with all my favorites yet alone discover new ones. Thanks for introducing us to Britanie, what a beautiful family! Xo, Stephanie