Scenes from Our Weekend

I have a few snap shots from our weekend.  This weekend is typically one of our very favorite weekends that Pensacola has to offer.  It's Blue Angel weekend where the Naval Blue Angels fly Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon over Pensacola Beach.  It's absolutely beautiful and a hugely popular weekend in our hometown.  My husband partook in some of the fun on Saturday, but I opted to skip the fun this year being 30 weeks pregnant. 

It was the perfect day for the Blue Angels to fly!

Instead of going to the Blue Angel show this year, I went and met some of my college best friends down in Destin for the night.  They were there on vacation for a long weekend and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them when they were only an hour away.  It was a gorgeous day on the beach with crystal clear water.  

Me and the girls enjoying the beach!

I drove home on Sunday morning to see Matt and Brody.  They were ready for some afternoon food after they had a little father/son breakfast date.  We decided to hop on the pontoon boat with some friends and spend a few more hours outside in the water.  

We didn't get home until almost 2:30 which is past Brody's nap time, so he was beyond warn out.  Mama was warn out too.  We took a shower and for the first time since Brody was truly an infant (or maybe sick once or twice), the two of us snuggled in our bed and napped together.  It was the best snuggle time and had me so nostalgic.  His legs were laid against my belly and I could feel Madelyn kicking a ton.  It was such a sweet moment.  

We closed out the weekend with the new Naked and Afraid episode called Naked and Afraid XL.  Who else watched it????  40 days naked and afraid in the wild!!! 

Lastly, I found this on my phone that I snapped this week.  I hit 30 weeks on Sunday, so I thought I'd share this little bump shot.  

I hope you all had a great weekend!! 

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  1. You look adorable! Love the bump shot. So sweet that you got to snuggle and nap with Brody, makes me think of the newborn days! Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. You look beautiful!!! It's getting so close! Happy Monday :)

  3. Only 10 weeks to go! It's gone so fast!!! Loving that you got some snuggles with your sweet boy. I know how rare and precious they are at the age our boys are at!

  4. I love that you made it to a girls' night at 30 weeks pregnant! And naps are the BEST! Why don't these little guys want to do that more often?

  5. You look fantastic and I can't believe how close you are getting - so exciting! I can never pass up a chance to visit with my college girlfriends either - those visits are always the best!

  6. You look beautiful! Glad you had such a great weekend! xo

  7. you have the cutest bump!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Love the bump pic!! I am so jealous of how much beach & overall water time y'all get... Seriously!!! It's awesome!!

  9. You and that bump are the cutest! What a fun weekend! Xo, Stephanie