Scenes from our Weekend | Easter

We had a super busy holiday weekend this year as Easter happened to fall on my SIL's birthday as well as my nephew's FIRST birthday.  It was so much fun celebrating his birthday this year and my SIL did an amazing job planning his party.  I have to share pictures from the event.   The part was Saturday and it was Easter themed with our very own Easter Bunny!!!

Birthday boy's chair

The party favors with Easter baskets used for the Easter egg hunt!

Photo Booth with the Easter Bunny

Dessert Table

Is he not the cutest???

Smash Cake

Video Slide Show she made on Animoto

She had toys set up outside to keep the kiddos entertained!

Brody got to hunt eggs for the first time!

Sweet cousins...

Sunday morning the Easter bunny made it to our house to deliver Brody's basket.  I couldn't snap a picture fast enough as those small hands went right for the toys!!  

He loved all his toys, but he's pretty obsessed with his new hot wheels carrying case.  I mean it's on wheels!!!

After our Easter basket unveiling, we all got dressed in our Sunday best and headed to 9:30 church which I was pretty proud of.  I wasn't sure we would make it out the door in time, but we were in fact early for church!!  We walked Brody over to the nursery to drop him off and all hell broke loose.  Brody was having none of it!!  Kicking, screaming, hyper-ventilating at the thought of us leaving him.  This is totally crazy to us because he's done this before and been just fine plus it's also where he goes to school 2x a week for months now!!  We were baffled.  Needless to say, the child won and off we went with no church service :(

We headed to my Mom's house for Easter lunch with the family and enjoyed a nice afternoon.  Brody found a few more eggs and ran around in his Sunday bests.  We had another cake (that makes 3 for the weekend) to celebrate my SIL's birthday and closed out a jam packed Easter weekend.  

We had a lot to be thankful for this Easter and loved celebrating with our family.  It's hard to believe that we will be a family of four this time next year!!!

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  1. That birthday party was just too stinking cute!! Love the theme!! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. What a creative birthday/Easter theme. Adore the baskets idea for everyone. Congratulations on having a girl. I have three daughters and it is one of life's sweet blessings.

  3. aww so many cute decorations! love it. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Such a cute party! Your family (you, especially) can throw a mean soiree! How cute is the B man?! He will get the hang of church before you know it and be upset when you drop him off and come to get him. It's hard now, but I promise it gets easier!

  5. his hair is perfection. I thing G's might be curly but if not, he is getting a Brody cut for sure!

  6. So sweet! Walker and Brody's Easter Baskets were practically identical; love those sound puzzles and "Llama Llama" books! And, y'all looked picture perfect on Easter. Hope it was a good one!

  7. Perfect weekend! All of the details at your nephews party were just adorable! And that last picture......so sweet of your family of three.

  8. The party looks so fun! All the decorations -- and especially they high chair -- are adorable. Looks like everyone had a blast :)

  9. So sweet and goodness I would pay good money to have Brody's highlights!!

  10. Adorable birthday party! And what a lovely Easter! Beautiful photo of your family!

  11. Oh my, I love all the details of the birthday party! Brody's Easter outfit is precious! Xo, Stephanie