Our Weekend in Photos

I want to thank all of you so much for all of your kind words regarding our growing family!  We are so excited and I loved reading each and every one of your sweet comments.  I'm sorry for not responding to them, but please know I read them all.  I hope to be better about responding to blog comments in the very near future, I promise!!

Today I just have a quick recap of our weekend through pictures!  We started off Friday with me taking Brody to the pediatrician.  He started with a runny nose and then had some congestion with a cough, so I took him in.   Thankfully, it's nothing big; but a little cold that would have to run it's course!

Saturday was gorgeous and we did the McGuire's 5k at 9am that morning and then headed out to the beach for lunch.  We packed stuff for the beach too with hopes we could lay out a bit after lunch.

And we did!! We brought Brody's little tent because I thought he actually might nap in it.  That didn't happen, but it didn't matter because he played non-stop with his beach toys.

Sunday morning Brody made himself some coffee and we knocked out a few things around the house.

We headed for a late lunch outside at Fish House which was so nice.  The sun was out for another warm day!

It was so nice to have sunshine this weekend and be able to spend so much time outside.  It makes me so excited for Spring weather to be here and stay here!! I hope it's warming up soon for my friends up North...sorry for these teaser beach pictures :)  

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  1. Looks like summer in March. Here in the Carolinas it is just beginning to be spring. With this crazy weather we've been having it could be winter tomorrow. Anyways, those pics make me think of summer early. Your son is a cutie.

  2. What a lovely weekend! We had some really nice weather here this weekend too, haven't made it to the beach yet but we hope to soon!

  3. Yay for beach time! We've gotta soak some in before we move back to CLT this weekend! xx

  4. I'm so jealous you live somewhere warm and by the beach! I am sooo ready for Spring to arrive here in Ohio! It's supposed to get up to 70 today! Brody is just the cutest!

  5. I can't wit to get out to the beach. Bad I didn't go ONCE last year? Yes. Time to fix that :)

  6. Seriously, B is SO cute. I can't stand it! And yes, I love that you got to already hit the beach. Looks amazing! xoxo

  7. So jealous of your beach pics but sounds like a great weekend! It's been in the 50s here which feels like summer compared to the freezing winter we've had so I've been outside with Miller every chance I get.