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Hi friends.  I've had this post in my draft box for quite some time, but haven't sat down long enough to finish it.  My son is a picky eater.  It makes mealtime stressful and annoying.  He eats all fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, sweet potatoes, butternut squash (sometimes) and grilled cheese.  He will also consume just about anything from the squeezable packet purees.  That's about the only way I get vegetables in him.  

I decided to try this new way of feeding because I thought it would help challenge me to serve him some different foods (it was very easy to just keep giving him the few things that he liked to keep for a more pleasant meal time) and also provide him with options...

So the whole thing revolved around using an ice tray or a muffin pan to feed him each meal.  I really do like the concept.  I've waited to write about it because I wanted to see if I think it really helped us out much and the truth is probably, not really.  

I did learn a few more things that he would tolerate such as string cheese and avocados (which he used to love when he was younger and then decided he didn't).  They also suggest providing dipping sauces (ketchup, mustard, bbq, etc) to let them explore a bit.  Brody has never liked any meats, so I thought this might be a good way to start.  

Do you guys have toddlers that run to the pantry or refrigerator multiple times through out the day wanting to pick their own food?? Mine drives me nuts.  He wants fruit from the refrigerator non-stop and then any snacks or packets he can find in the pantry.  I swear he would eat all day long if I let him.  He wears me out....

Anyway, I'm not expert at this idea at all.  I'll take any pointers you have.  I thought I would just share a few of his meals with you which might help somebody with new ideas...

avocado-chicken-rice-chickpeas-grapes-edamame - sweet potatoes - ketchup - peas- bbq - avocado - craisens

chicken parmesan - edamame - chickpeas - marinara - raspberries - string cheese 

broccoli salad - sweet potatoes - chickpeas - avocados - blueberries - butternut squash 

raspberries - macaroni and cheese - sweet potatoes - avacados - sweet potatoes - blueberries

blueberries - buttered noodles - avacado - sweet potatoes - string cheese - corn, edamame and tomato mixture

I tried to get back into juicing again to enjoy for myself and to give Brody.  He will drink a little bit of it.  I haven't been very consistent with the juicing though. 

I hope that helps some of you!  I'm trying to not get frustrated and roll with the punches.  He's always been 80-90% for weight, so he's getting what he needs.  It can just be pretty annoying at times :)

Do you have a picky eater in your house?  Have you found anything that helps???

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  1. I think I'm going to have to try this! Miller does the same thing as Brody and runs to the pantry 100 times a day demanding something from there or a banana off the counter but hates sitting down for a meal. He's also in the 10% for weight so I'm desparate to get him to eat anything that some days I just don't care. Miller will eat veggies but not fruit (besides bananas) so I'm working on that. I just got him to start eating string cheese this week so let's hope he keeps liking that!

    1. My little one will only eat fruit and that is it…. I am trying to get her to eat more :(

  2. Wow what an awesome and creative idea. Don't have any kiddos yet but I will definitely keep this in mind for the future ;)

  3. I need to copy your tray idea! Greyson is the PICKIEST eater and it is all day long. I swear, I love my child, but that is the one thing that always pushes my buttons! Maybe it is a boy thing to eat all day long too? Either way, I am glad I am not alone!

  4. Your organized trays look delicious. Healthy too! Rest assured, toddlers from my experience are picky, picky. Some days they will eat all day, other days not so much. This is normal. Best thing you can do is just keep offering healthy choices. Some things I tried with my children/grandchildren are making fruits and veggies into funny faces or shapes, etc. Note: some children just graze, others eat the whole meal at mealtime. Some eat all day out of boredom. It will change!

  5. I know exactly how you feel. My toddler is always in the fridge or pantry getting snacks. I feel like I waste more food at meal time than he actually eats. Good idea giving him a wide range of variety. I need to try things that he was over a few months ago to see if he will eat it again. Glad to know that I am not the only one fighting this battle.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  6. This is a very interesting concept! Right now, Andrew doesn't seem to picky, but veggies are not his favorite, so I'm trying to mix them in with other foods to get them in. I like the variety of the muffin tin! And doing the juicing is a great idea! XOXO

  7. this seems like a good idea! i'll have to remember it for the future. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. What a great idea. I have a 1 year old and she is the WOREST eater and it makes me go crazy.. She throws her food so many offering her several options she will eat something!!! Thanks girl :)

  9. I've been a picky eater my whole life, so I can relate to him. Lol. My best friend's kids are picky eaters, I'm going to send her this link, this is a really good idea! :) Have a great day!


  10. So fun! I wish someone put this much effort and thought into what I eat for lunch everyday.... oh wait, someone does and it's ME! Hahah so not the same though. I've tried the muffin tin thing and O looooved it. He loves options, and also loves going into the pantry to find his own snacks, which is usually cookies or crackers. He also likes sitting on the breakfast nook and picking fruit from the fruit bowl, which is great and all but it I don't watch him he'll take one bite out of everything!

  11. These seem like great options for at least getting lots of food in front of him. I have two that were picky and two that were not and I did nothing different. I'm not a picky eater but have friends who are and honestly I finally just figured out that my pickiest just may have some texture issues. I make healthy snacks that I know he likes available and he definitely eats when he is hungry. Granted he is 13 now....but probably since the time he was 6 I stopped worrying about it. I always offer him what we are eating and the past two years he has actually expanded the things he will try exponentially but honestly there are many nights he is on his own...and chips with cheese (nachos) or cereal is what he chooses. This like many things with parenting....pick your battles! I do think continuing to have designated eating times and snack times is a good thing so that he isn't driving you nuts constantly wanting snacks....maybe offer water in between as the only option. Good luck..I know it's frustrating.

  12. I am going to have to try this with Walker. Like Brody, he loved avocado when he was smaller, but has recently decided he doesn't like it. He's all about chicken (cooked any way) and sweet potatoes, but practically vomits if I dare give him a green vegetable. We have noticed he'll eat cuties all day, every day if we'd let him. So basically, my son likes orange-colored fruits and vegetables and THAT'S IT. He has also decided that he hates being in his high chair, so that's a fun new development. NOT.

  13. Looks like you're doing a great job trying to get creative with it!!! Our three year old loves "appetizer" plates and it's the best way I can get her to eat veggies!!!! Whatever it takes right!? And if all else fails - chicken nuggets count as protein right!? lol...

  14. What an interesting post. I was a pretty picky eater so I half expect my daughter to be. This is a cool concept though and I like reading through all the comments to see how moms deal with this common issue.

  15. I'm impressed with the variety you keep available in your home! at this point, if I and to feed gray out of our fridge, I'd be feeding him left over pizza hut. mom fail.

  16. Oh my, my step daughter to be is 6 and she's the worst at eating.. She barely touches her meals before "she's full"... We have luckily found a few meals that don't include mac and cheese that she'll eat! ;)


  17. great idea :) i don't have kids yet but will def. remember this! love your choices!!

  18. I feel you, I have a grazer/ snacker running around all day, too. As long as youre offering healthy options don't be too hard on yourself. We offer the food, they decide how much of it to eat. I love the look of the tray meals though, so cute!

  19. I can definitely relate to this! My little guy is pretty picky, but literally cheers when he sees one of those fruit pouches. I'm going to try this approach out because we often get into a rut where we only try the stuff we know he loves (which is currently turkey meatballs with veggies snuck in). I'm just worried we're only going to perpetuate the pickiness by only giving him things he loves, but on the other hand, at least he's eating something. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. Thats a really cool concept. I gave my parents hell when I was younger for being a picky eater.