Promoting or Advertising the Blog

I'm changing things up today from the normal Taste of Tuesday mainly because the one new recipe I made last week turned out totally disgusting and I wouldn't dare share it with you.   It doesn't happen often that a meal is downright horrible that I can't share, but I guess everyone has to have a BOMB every now and then.  This week was mine.  On a brighter note, I have something I want to share with you guys...

I'm a little nervous, honestly.  I feel like I'm totally putting myself out there to be asked to dance at the middle school cotillon ball (did ya'll have cotillon?) or something.  But here goes... I'm offering advertising space!   

This has been something that I have thought about for awhile and have gone back and forth on the idea.  I've been writing consistently on this blog now (4-5times/week) for awhile and I'm having as much fun as ever writing it.  It took me awhile to really embrace promoting my blog as most of my friends or family didn't even know I had it for the first year or so.  The last quarter of 2014, I made the decision to start advertising Home of Malone's.  I followed the attitude that you have to spend money to make money.  I don't want to scare you to think that this blog is all about making money now.  That's not the case.  But it does cost money to have a pretty blog design and to have good quality pictures and to dress Brody in good looking outfits ;-)  So making an extra dollar makes me feel a little better about the aforementioned! Besides the money, I really love the idea of being able to give other bloggers the opportunity to be seen and noticed.  Since making my decision to start advertising, I've scoured a lot of different bloggers "advertising tab."  You might (or might not) be surprised that a  lot of bloggers don't offer advertising, so sometimes it can be hard to find the right fit.  Thankfully, I have found a couple...

I have had great success with advertising on other blogs and so much fun doing it.  You can see my two features so far here and here.  I hope to get to do several more in the future.  I love the response I receive from advertising with other bloggers and the new readers that I get to meet.  The sponsorship money that I make from advertising here will be used to advertise on other blogs.  The advertising option that I've chosen so far is one that offers a feature on the bloggers site.  It really allows their readers to get to know me and my blog instead of being just a button on their side bar.  I drafted a post to use specifically for blog features and so whenever I decide to advertise on someone else's blog, all I have to do is copy the HTML code to them and my job is done!  It doesn't require any extra work.  

I know this isn't for everyone, but I wanted to let all of you know this is now an option on Home of Malone's.  I would love to hear from some of you and display some of your pretty faces on my sidebar!  Head on over to my newly improved "Contact Tab" to get all the details. 

I would also love to hear your experiences with promoting your blog and if you've ever done any paid advertising.  Is it something you could see yourself doing in the future?  Did the advertising pay off for you?  Share your thoughts...

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  1. Congrats on the new blog endeavor!!! Can't wait to see how it goes for you!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Good for you girl!

  3. You go girl! I've been thinking about doing the same but you are right - it is nerve wracking!! Hope everything goes well for you!

  4. One of my goals for 2015 is to grow my blog and I'm so THANKFUL that bloggers like you do this at an affordable price!!! I'm going to sign up!! :)

  5. Go you! I'm interested in learning more, also. Do you have info you can send out via email already?

  6. Congrats!! I want to maybe eventually do this but I always am afraid no one will buy space lol