Five on Friday

Hooray for Friday! I'm looking forward to heading to our first formal event of the year tonight!  We're talking long dresses, tuxedos and me getting my hair done by a professional!  I'm super excited.  Following along @homeofmalones to see some fun shots from the night.  The event is for Big Brothers Big Sisters which is an organization very close to my heart.  

Now, here's my Friday Five...

Feeding a Toddler (Brody is 18 months)
I posted this on instagram (@homeofmalones)  this week and was so thankful for all of the great responses that I received. I haven't done a post lately on Brody's eating, but basically, the kid can eat a lot but it's only certain things without a lot of variety.  He seems to be going in and out of foods he likes right now.  He's always eaten and loved butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  But now, one day he eats them and the next he won't.  He used to kill some avocado, but now he wants nothing to do with it.  He's always been obsessed with fruit.  Any kind.  He'll eat grill cheese (most of the time), but he doesn't eat macaroni and cheese and really won't eat spaghetti. No meats.  No rice and beans.  And no to vegetables.  I feel like I've created a monster.  I'm working on trying more variety and cooking things a few different ways.  Does anyone else have trouble feeding their toddler???

Yesterday I shared a tour of our home office.  I'm sorry I didn't link to any items, but my internet has been down for a few days which has been super frustrating.  Thank you for all the wonderful feedback.  You girls were too sweet.  I am happy to have it put together and start to spend a little more time in there.  Here's a few links to items that some of you asked about yesterday.  

A friend of mine sent me these flowers with a super sweet note acknowledging the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing.  It was so thoughtful and I love the way they look in my house.  Is there anything better than fresh flowers at home?? I love them. 

I took this picture after the photographer left last weekend and I just couldn't help but share it.  I could pretty much eat this child up.  I can not wait to see the pictures we get back from the photographer.  Although I will say, Brody fussed 99% of the time during the shoot; so we'll see how they turn out!  Taking staged pictures at this age is nearly impossible...

You guys were so kind this week with helpful comments from my Blog Tour post.  I'm glad you girls enjoyed that because it was actually pretty fun to write and take some time to think about the blog "behind the scenes."  Anyway, a lot of you mentioned that you enjoyed fashion and OOTD posts; so I will try to include some more of those each week.  Here's a couple that I snapped this week.  I obviously am crushing on navy blue lately :)

Photo One: J Crew Navy Sweater and plaid shirt, Kendra Scott Hot Pink Necklace, Loren Hope Pink Bracelet Photo Two: J Crew Zebra Button Down, Black Leggings, and Tory Burch Quilted Black Boots

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend friends!!

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  1. That was so so sweet and thoughtful of your friend to send you those flowers--and they are beautiful!! You're lucky to have such a kind friend in your life :) Love the pic of Brody--adorable!
    Have a great weekend Annie!

  2. aww those flowers are so pretty! your friend is so thoughtful :) have a great weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I just recently discovered your blog and I have to say you have an adorable little boy and a beautiful home! Your toddler eating habits sound IDENTICAL to what we're going through with our almost 18 month old daughter. On top of that, sitting still for meals always seems to be an issue. If you come up with any good solutions, please share!

  4. Greyson basically eats exactly the same as Brody. I can only get him to eat veggies if they are hidden in a pouch. I make smoothies for him and fill them in reusable pouches. He also loves green juice (I buy the premade kind) that tastes like apple juice and he will kill one or two cups of that a day, so I feel like he is getting some veggies in between those two. Does he like yogurt? Yogurt is our key to everything!

  5. What a sweet gesture with those flowers - they're beatiful! And Brody looks ADORABLE in that outfit!! Happy Friday!

  6. Love the way you paired that bright pink necklace with the navy sweater! What a sweet gesture from your friend!

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous and it was so sweet of your friend to send them! I don't have a toddler yet, but work for an organization that runs early education centers and they say to always offer the food to them and eventually they'll get used to it, then try it, then eat it. Good luck mama!!

  8. What a sweet friend!!! Thank you for sharing those sources...Uncommon Good has the best stuff!!! PS If you get a good response to your veggie question, please share!! Cam is 2.5 years old and won't even drink smoothies that are green...ahhhh!

  9. Cant wait to see what you wear to the event tonight!! Have a blast girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. What a sweet, sweet friend! Have fun tonight!!!

  11. the sweetest friend you have! and we're on the same boat as far as veggies go.. pouches and the amazing greens powder that we add to milk are our life savers!

  12. I wish I had some better recs for feeding a toddler - I'm just entering that stage with my daughter, who is 13 months! One thing I sometimes do is, instead of using a sectioned plate where I have veggies, meats, fruits, etc. separated, I mix it together in a bowl - for instance, little pieces of chicken, avocado, maybe some baked apple, and cheese - and sometimes I find she eats more of a variety when she can't see it all so clearly separated into preferences. ;) Just a thought! The flowers are so sweet and your little guy is a doll. Have fun at your event!

  13. Ooo a formal event how fun! And what a great cause!! I LOVE your home office! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. That Brody is so so cute!! I bet the pictures are perfect! I'm loving navy recently too - your outfits are always so perfect and polished! Have fun tonight! Looking forward to pictures on instagram!

  15. That zebra blouse makes me SO happy! I feel like B. will learn to (re)like veggies as he ages. We never would eat much of that stuff and now I crave broccoli hah. Hope you guys have a great weekend! So sweet of your friend to send flowers too ;)

  16. I meant to comment on your last post how beautiful your home office is along with the pic of you that you just took...in the black and gold. So stunning friend! Don't worry too much about Brody's diet. Jack does the same thing. One day he loves it, the next he won't touch it. I feel like he doesn't get much variety. What comforts me is the fact the my brother his entire life until 18 lived on grilled cheese, mac and cheese and plain pasta (I'm exaggerating a little, but this was pretty much it). He wouldn't touch fruit, many veggies or much protein and his doctor and nutritionist promised he would be fine and get what he needed. Now he is super healthy, great eater and over 6 feet tall and lean so it obviously didn't hurt him. Long story short - don't stress. I put new things in front of Jack all the time - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And finally, love that zebra blouse! I think I might order since it's on sale...TTS?

  17. I absolutely loved your office space! So many great pieces coming together and making a beautiful room!

    That outfit is so cute! I love anything navy these days, you know....trying to get more than just black with another dark color hehe! Have a great weekend!

  18. My little guy is quite the picky eater. For now, I just continue to put things on his plate, give him a daily vitamin and juices like V8 Splash to make sure he's still getting the nutrients he would get from his veggies. Here's to hoping we both see some progress in our picky eaters soon on the veggie front!