Five on Friday

It's time for my Friday Five.  I hope everyone can keep warm during the cold weekend ahead! 

This weekend marks one year since my Dad passed away.  Ironically, it also marks one year of Matt and I being in the new house.  This painting below hangs in our home office (which I promise to share with you guys this month) and is one of my very favorite pictures.  Its a photo from his 60th birthday trip to the Bahamas in 2013.  It captures him perfectly...a man that loved his family and enjoyed life to the fullest.  

On a lighter note, have you guys heard of Chatbooks ?? Download the app and make a photobook for $6 including shipping with 60 of your favorite photos.  It's super easy and quick to make because you can take the photos right from your instagram.  They will send you a 6x6 book with all your favorite photos.  How cheap and simple is that??

For my local Pensacola friends... today only is $5 dollar Friday at our new Pure Barre.  You can go try out a class and see what you think.  I'm a believer and you should be too :)  But seriously, classes are usually like $25 dollars I think to just walk-in, so you need to take advantage of this deal! 

We have an office very close to our kitchen, but I feel like I never use it.  It's just far enough away that it's not utilized to hold our incoming mail or easy to sneak a quick look at the calendar.  Instead, our mail gets thrown on the kitchen counter which drives me absolutely bonkers and invitations and cards get lost in the shuffle.  I picked up this cute calendar the other day at Target along with this little cork square.  I took a wall in the kitchen that's only seen if you are headed to the pantry and made it our new command center!!  I might make some space for one more cork square and do a little adjusting, but I'm very pleased.

I'll leave you with this little rascal who loves his Dyson vacuum machine that he got for Christmas.  This thing is pretty darn cool and makes noises and pops those little colorful balls you see to keep the kiddies entertained :)

Have a great weekend friends!!

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  1. I love Chatbooks.. I went a little over board and order 5 vol for our family!! I love them..Happy Friday.

  2. I love that picture of your family and that you have it right where you can see it every day. What a great picture to remember your dad from :) Your command center looks great! I need to get that calendar at Target--it's so cute! The one we have is just plain and boring.
    Hope you have a great weekend girl!!

  3. what a great photo of your family :) I'm sure it means a lot to have that up so you can see your dad every day.

    i'm sooo intrigued by chatbooks! i think i need to order some. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Ok B is just too cute! Cruz loved his dyson too, which is odd because I don't think he's ever seen me use ours. I wish I were kidding =)

    Ahh this is the second person who mentioned chatbooks...I think I need to take a look. Oddly enough I posted today about Groovebook which sends you perforated 4x6 pics from your iPhone. I might have to do both!

    So sorry about your dad...but what an amazing picture taken during what had to be a great getaway. Keep a smile on your face this week <3

  5. That picture is amazing! Can't wait to hear the story about it! Have a great weekend!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  6. That painting is such a great way to remember your dad! Sending you big hugs friend. I want to make a chatbook!

  7. Sending you big hugs this weekend friend. That painting such a special treasure and memory to have. I love that the vacuum is his favorite toy - when is too soon to switch to a real one ;)

  8. Hows the quality on the chatbooks because their taken from Instagram I wonder if they come out grainy!? Love your new calendar - super cute!! have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. I just heard about chatbooks reently and downloaded the app. Looks like I have 17 volumes of photos from my account lol! I'm not sure how you can customize them though? I have to play with it some more. Love that calendar!

  10. That's an awesome family picture, beautiful! I'll have to text my sister in law about the PB thing, $5 is great and I was just telling her last week she really needs to go try it :)

  11. Oh I love the picture! $5 classes sounds amazing!

  12. That painting is beautiful. I know you love that reminder of such a wonderful time together!

  13. I adore your little command center! I love the picture of you and your family! Have a great weekend

  14. Aw I'm thinking about you and your family today. What a beautiful portrait of yall. Brody and his vacuum cracks me up... and will have his future wife thanking you in the years to come ;)

  15. How have I never heard of Chatbooks before?! And why am I still spending $50 on Shutterfly books? Haha I need to look into this more! Thinking of your family and keeping you in my prayers this weekend, xoxo

  16. Ahh, I am definitely going to check out Chatbooks! How cool :) And what a sweet photo of your family. I will keep you in my thoughts this weekend.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  17. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs this weekend. So special that you have that painting to remember him that you can look at everyday. Love your command station! I did one of those in our kitchen too. Brody is so cute I wish we were close so him and Miller could play together. They remind me so much of each other!

  18. Great family photo! I will keep your family in my prayers this weekend! And I have yet to make a Chatbooks album. I have to make it a priority...so cool!!

  19. I keep hearing such fun things about these chatbooks, I'm going to need to purchase a few for myself!

  20. I need to make a command center like that somewhere in our house...Bryce is the WORST with his mail and piles it up on the dining room table which totally irks me!