Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends.  Welcome to another week of my Friday five.

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving??  I really can't.  How many of you are decorating for Christmas this weekend??  I've seen a few people start.  We will head to get our tree next weekend after Thanksgiving is over.  I can't wait!! 

Have you decided what to wear for Thanksgiving yet or are you in need of a cute holiday dress for Christmas?  Annie Griffin Collection is having their warehouse sale and almost everything is on sale up to 80% off. I love their blouses and I got this cute red dress for next month.

My goal is to order our Christmas cards before Thanksgiving this year.  I would love to have them in the mail by the first week of December.  I've always used Shutterfly or Tiny Prints for our cards, but this year I'm pretty certain that I'm going to use Minted.  They have beautiful cards, but I'm really falling for the FREE recipient addresses.  How cute are these??   I love the idea of not having to write out every card :)
Have you picked out your holiday cards yet??

Jessica gave a free printable this week for Thanksgiving and I love it.  I think they are perfect to print and put in a simple white frame or they look awesome printed on a small canvas.   You can save this image right to your computer.

I'll be sharing my holiday gift lists next week starting on Monday.  I did them last year and had so much fun with them.  You can see them here.

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  1. We do our tree the weekend after thanksgiving, I have been way tempted to do it early but somehow restrained myself!!!! ;) happy weekend!

  2. We will probably decorate some this weekend since both my parents and my in-laws will be coming for Thanksgiving for the first time in our new house, so it'll be fun to have the mix of Christmas and thanksgiving decor up. We will probably wait for the tree until after Thanksgiving tho, too.
    Have a great weekend Annie!

  3. So excited for Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's here, but woooooohooooo!

  4. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either, so excited for turkey day! And we're getting our tree next weekend too, I can't wait to make Christmas explode in our home :)

    Happy Friday!

  5. im SO excited for thanksgiving!! we're going to chicago for it and i am so happy we get to see family! i love those blouses and minted is the BEST! (spoiler alert...im hosting a minted giveaway next week!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. I love how we both shared Jessica's Give Thanks print this morning. Stopping by from the link up!

  7. I can't wait to see what your cards look like - we got ours from Shutterfly for the last two years and have loved them!! I'm going to have to check that sale out - I don't think I've ever heard of the company!! Hope you have great weekend!!

  8. I'm sure your cards are going to be adorable. I've never heard of Annie Giffin before but I love all of those looks you posted.
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  9. I LOVE Minted! I also love that printable! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Gah! Have a great weekend lady!

  10. We start our Christmas decorating the night of Thanksgiving after a recovery nap from dinner! I can't wait for your gift guides.


  11. I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving- crazy! I am so excited for Christmas this year, because my son is now 3, so he REALLY gets the Santa thing. I am typically a Tiny Prints girl too, but I am loving the Minted designs. I may be converted.

  12. ooooh christmas cards......the minted free recipient addressing might be the only way i get them done.

  13. Wow that is pretty awesome that they do the addresses for you for free! I am also trying to get on top of Christmas cards this year, I don't want time to get away from me and be sending them out too late!

  14. That first picture is adorable! I already decorated but we will be getting our tree Thanksgiving weekend. My husband has to do the outside lights this weekend since it will be in the 40's in WI!

  15. I bet the cards will be beautiful!!

  16. I have been really eager to decorate this year because we finally bought our first home, and Ive been itching to get those decorations out! I love the minted cards with matching envelopes! Too cute and great prices!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

    Showered With Design

  17. I have no idea who I'm using for Xmas cards this year but we're having family photos taken in early December so I have some time to decide. I'm thinking of breaking out some of my Christmas decor this weekend but our tree won't be up until next weekend. I'm really nervous about Miller with the tree this year since he's very curious!! Can't wait to see your wishlists!

  18. Please put a mini tree on Brody's car and recreate that pic - I'm dying. Christmas card ordering (after a picture, oops) is on my to-do list so I'll have to check out Minted (always use VistaPrint - they're fantastic!). Happy weekend :)

  19. I used Minted for our Christmas cards this year and was super impressed! I will definitely be using them again! :)

  20. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week! So excited for the holiday!!

  21. I can't wait to get Christmas decorations out!! I usually use tiny prints for cards but last year used minted. I haven't even thought about cards this year! I need to work on that!

  22. Christmas will be here before we know it!! And that top picture is too cute!


  23. I cannot say enough good things about Minted! I think I am going to use them for my Wedding invitations as well!

  24. i can't wait to see what you do with the christmas cards and the free addresses are awesome!! i'll have to check out that collection!