Thoughts for Thursday : Costumes

Thanks for coming back to another Thoughts for Thursday today!  This is the last Thursday before my partner, Natalie, has baby boy #2!!  I can't believe it!  Keep her family in your prayers next week as they welcome their new addition :)

+ Sorry for the late post today! I had too much fun last night to get a post up early this morning.

+ Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I would do a little trial run with Brody's costume.  He's Mickey Mouse this year for Halloween.   His costume is from Etsy and came with the sweetest knitted little booties and gloves along with a Mickey Mouse ears hat that Brody refuses to wear!  Can you see how excited he is to be in his costume???

+ I went to a Witches, Bitches and Wine party last night for a friends birthday.  I shared yesterday what I was planning on wearing to the dinner by pulling some clothes from my closet to pair with a few new accessories that I purchased.  Here's how it turned out:

+ My eyelashes were a big hit and a big pain in the ass.  But I'm glad I spend the time putting them on.  They have little spiders on the end and were black and purple.  That's what made me go to the black and purple stockings which were pretty cute too.  I found those shoes at Party City for about $6.  They are felt with elastic that straps onto your own boots or shoes.  How perfect is that??

+ It was dark out by the time I got dressed and inside the party room was dark, so I didn't get a great full length photo of the outfit.  My outfit turned out just okay.  I needed a belt with my dress, but couldn't find a cute one to work in my closet.  

+ There were about 20 girls at the party and the costumes were AWESOME.  I will definitely have to step up my game next year.  I got a few new ideas for witches outfits now from seeing all of their creative looks.   There was actually a Chanel witch from head to toe which was ahh-mazing.  

- The party was perfection.  She didn't miss a beat with the decor and gifts.  It was her birthday party and she sent us home with amazing trinkets.  The lighting was super tough to take photos, so hopefully you can get the idea.  The pumpkins lit up and were used as our name cards at the table.  That meant we also got to take them home!!  Everyone had their own wine glass at the table which was hand-picked by Amy for each individual and we got to take those home too!!

+ The whole evening was perfect!  Now I'm glad that I have today to recover before getting ready for Halloween TOMORROW!! Yippy.

What do ya'll have planned for Halloween tomorrow night??

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Can't wait to see his full ensemble for Halloween!! I'm sure he's going to be so cute!!

  2. I am loving the name of the party!!! And you look fab but yeah, those lashes though amazing, look like a pain to attach!!

  3. That Mickey costume is precious!!

  4. I think Brody and Miller feel the same way about costumes!! Your party looks like so much fun! She went all out- love it

  5. What a fun party! I love your witches shoes! Brody's costume is so cute even if he doesn't look too happy in it!

  6. What a soiree! I love all of the details! Your lashes look awesome and I'm glad you got to have such a fun pre-Halloween night!!

  7. I LOVE the party idea. And Brody's costume is precious. Can't wait to see the whole thing! xo

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  9. That party looks so fun! I love your costume and Brody's Mickey Mouse costume is adorable!

  10. what a freaking fun party!! love your lashes!! ;) can't wait to see Brody's full ensemble! xox

  11. Those shoes and eyelashes are awesome!! Even though it's generic, I think dressing up as a witch is fun. Looks like an awesome party and I hope Brody has a fun Halloween!

  12. I just adore Brody's costume!! Your friend's party sounds super fun!