Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!! The weeks seem to be going by faster and faster and I have a feeling that's going to be the case through the end of the year.  With the Holidays approaching, it seems like time starts going twice as quickly! 

Here's my five for the week:

I wanted to give a quick update on Brody in school.  Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me and assured me things would get better with Brody in day care.  Ya'll it's so much fun now!! He seems to be loving it and doesn't even cry (mostly) when I drop him off.  It's so much fun to watch him interact with the other kids.  He's a picture of him and his little girlfriend from the other day.  I wish he didn't have that darn monkey in his mouth, but they were getting ready for their daily buggy ride!!

I've been on the hunt for a nice fruit/veggie bowl for our kitchen.  I've had two previously from Home Goods and I really was never completely satisfied with either of them.  They were good for other uses, but I didn't like them on my countertop all the time.  Now enter the Emma Footed Serve Bowl from Potterybarn.  It is so pretty and looks great on my counters.  It's the perfect size too! 

Have I mentioned how HOT it still is around here lately???  It's so hot still.  I took Brody to the splash pad close to our house this week to meet some friends.  He loved playing in the little fountains, but I think he liked chasing the pigeons even more! 
How cute are these little kiddies all sitting still with their snacks???

Christmas came in October when these beauties arrived at my doorstep.  I was honestly so hesitant to pull the trigger on these because everyone has told me that Tory Burch's tall boots are really tight in the calves.  But I was in need of some black leather boots this year and when her sale was running last week, I decided that I needed to order them and try for myself.  I'm so glad that I did because they fit perfectly and they aren't too tight at all with jeans on.  

Lastly, I posted this picture on Instagram (@homeofmalones) this week and I realized that some of my northern friends around these parts probably have no idea what Waffle House is.  We shamefully  love Waffle House in my family and have gone since I was a little kid.   They are known for their breakfast and have been quoted in the movie Tin Cup as the "low-rent roadside cafe featuring waffles."  They ain't fancy and the food is greasy, but they be open 24 hours a day and the food sure is yummy :)

Have a fun weekend!!!

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  1. Your little man is just too cute! That fruit bowl is beautiful and perfect to use as a fruit/veggie bowl.
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  2. That's awesome it is warm enough to go swimming there! It has been really chilly and rainy here in Ohio. Love the TB boots!! And I love Waffle House too!

  3. Oh my gosh those new boots are fantastic - hope it cools off for you to wear them soon!! I'm pretty jealous of the weather you guys are having - pool weather!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. It's pretty hot here too still (Jacksonville)! We've had some cooler weather but it's still getting up in the 90's in the afternoons, ugh! I can't believe some people don't know what a Waffle House is! I thought everyone had at least heard of them!

  5. those boots are hot!! love them!! found you from that friday blog hop and excited to check out your site and connect!! it's still hot down here in south florida but looking forward to the cool down period hopefully coming soon! (for abouta week! ha!)

  6. Your little one -- he is just so stinkin' cute! And those Tory boots...I need them in my life! Happy weekend!
    xo Southern Style

  7. Love those boots! I can't get over how cute Brody is in the waffle house picture! I'm pretty sure I look like that eating waffles :) And all those kiddos at the splash pad.. too cute!

  8. Brody is adorable - monkey or waffle in the mouth :). I loooooove that pb bowl! I have to check it out (they are running their friends and family sale too!!)

  9. That waffle house picture of your little guy is too cute! Loving those boots too! Hope it cools off soon so you can wear them!

  10. Love Waffle House! Whenever we head down south we stop and gorge! I have huge calves and drool over those boots, I wonder if I could even squeeze into them? I'm so happy to hear Brody is doing better with daycare/school!! Hope you have a great weekend sweets!

  11. Stoppin by from Five on Fri. Your little man is too adorable and those boots, oh my goodness I want!!!

  12. Swoon over those boots!!! And LOVE Waffle House... guilty pleasure!

  13. I've said this before, but I'll say it again, your taste is great. Your decor, style...on point. My house is so bland (we moved into our new apartment a year ago) and has yet to be formally decorated. I don't even know where to begin!

  14. so happy i found your blog through the link-up! those boots are everything! have a wonderful weekend :)

  15. Love the TB boots...I have dancer calves, so I have to be careful about that too. Glad your little one is enjoying daycare...it can be hard I know!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  16. We always made it a point to stop at Waffle House and Chick-fil-A while we were in Florida growing up!! Such fun memories (and the best waffles). We're starting to get CFA up here so now we just need Waffle House to get their act together! Happy Friday :)

  17. Hah oh the memories of days gone by at Waffle House. It's such an Americana type place. I LOVE your new boots and they are surely going to get tons of wear. Happy weekend :)

  18. So glad Brody is doing well in school!! I know you have to feel better dropping him off now. Love the boats!! I'm sort of jealous of your heat- it was only 55 here this morning and I'm not ready for it to be that cold yet

  19. Those boots are gorgeous! And your little man is just the cutest. We love Waffle House too! :)

  20. Ohhhhh I love the quilted pattern on those boots!!! One day we might be able to wear them right? Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  21. Those boots are perfect!! Love! And Brady is so cute!!

  22. That bowl IS perfect! I'm going to have to pick one up! My husband loves waffle house (and used to eat there after a night out) but refuses to go to iHop because he thinks it's gross - go figure!!

  23. Found you through the link up- cute blog!

  24. Obsessed with that bowl. And your cute little man!