Scenes from our Weekend

Another Monday is here which means we just had to kiss another weekend good bye!  We had another nice, laid-back weekend at home.  On Friday, me, Matt and my MIL sent my brother and sister-in-law away for the night to Biloxi while we kept the baby.  He's 4 months old now and they hadn't had a night away yet.  I knew they would have a blast and be so appreciative of a fun night on the town, so we held down the fort with Brody and William and had a ball.  

{Friday's OOTD}
J. Crew Shirt and Shorts // Loren Hope Necklace and Flower Bracelet // Tory Burch Sandals

Isn't he the cutest?? I had so much fun bonding with my sweet nephew because even though I get to see him often, I'm always chasing around my wild child and don't feel like I get to hold and snuggle this guy for long.  

The cousins played and I loved watching Brody entertain his little buddy.  

Saturday afternoon, the new parents arrived home with big smiles on their faces and excited to see their sweet boy.  We hugged and kissed them goodbye so they could enjoy some family time.  Matt and I headed home to cook a nice dinner at the house and watch a few episodes of House of Cards.  

Sunday was gorgeous and we hoped on the boat with some friends and anchored up by the beach.  The water was so clear and blue like you would see in the bahamas.  It was heavenly.  We were on the boat for 5 minutes and I turn around to see this....

If you follow along on Instagram {@homeofmalones}, you may have seen this cute video of him passed out as soon as we took off on the boat with his mouth wide open taking in the fresh air :)

When we arrived at the beach, we stuck Brody on this awesome bean bag and he didn't even flinch.  He was so cute and cozy.  I wanted to snuggle up right next to him.  

While he slept, we swam and relaxed.  Look at that water????

We wore the kids out on the beach once Brody woke up and built lots of sandcastles for them to knock-down.  It was a perfect Sunday outing.  

We got home and our little man looked like this...wild man hair! 

We finished the day off with dinner with my bro and SIL at our favorite local spot walking distance from our house.  It was a perfect weekend soaking in the last weekend days of summer....

Hope you had a relaxing one too!!!

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  1. i love your blouse! perfect for summer and you can wear it this fall with cardigans! xo jillian - stop by, im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. Loved the video/photo of Brody being totally tuckered out from the boat ride!! Your outfit pictures are the best!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. what a fun weekend! so glad you got time with your sweet nephew - he is precious! and what a perfect Sunday! boating and beach - and cute little brody! xoxo

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    <3, Pamela

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  15. Your nephew and Brody are the absolute cutest! I'd hangout with those two any day :)

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    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)