Thoughts for Thursday : Planning a Party ( a FIRST birthday party)

Planning a party is no joke!! I mean, I knew that already, I've planned a lot of them over the years and love doing it; but I've never planned my sons first birthday party

I mean, I probably look and sound a little bit like this....

But the truth is...I'm not organizing a petting zoo, aquarium or some far-out entertainment for the kids first birthday party, but there is still so much that goes into it!!  

- Remember when you had those weird nightmares when you were planning your wedding and they seemed so real???  I'm having some of those, but it's more along the lines of kids falling two feet off of our back porch and breaking an arm rather than the band not showing up on my wedding day or even the groom!! 

-  I'm worried to death about putting 4 inches of water in a plastic pool for the children knowing how parents can easily get distracted at a party.  Don't y'all remember this story of secondary drowning from a few weeks ago??

-  Our house is baby proofed about the best I can imagine, but yet I'm still having these thoughts that are keeping me up at night that the kids are going to get hurt somehow or some way!! 

- We've invited quite a lot of people for a first birthday party, but we're also treating it as a housewarming party since we didn't have one when we first moved in back in January.  That's probably adding to the stress...

-What if it rains?? We won't have enough room for everyone in the house.  What if its too hot that no one wants to be outside???  


-  Oh the thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last month or two since I've been planning this birthday party....

-  I really am so excited to see everything come together and have truly had a blast planning it all so far.   It's just funny how you never stop worrying.  I am definitely nervous to have a house full of kids  and wondering how Brody is going to behave at his own party with all the people around.  I'm especially curious how he will do when all the attention is on him while we are singing, Happy Birthday

What has yall's experience been with planning birthday parties??  How did your child do during the "Happy Birthday" song?  Did they dig into their cake or leave it for the birds???

I can't wait to report back and share pictures with you.  We're celebrating next weekend and I can't wait!!

Now it's your turn!  

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Thoughts for Thursday

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  1. Girl, I love party planning but it's no joke! There's so much involved and you're stressing until you see it come together! I'm sure the party will be wonderful and everyone will have a great time :)

  2. Okay, take a deep breath and step away from the nightmares :) Our party for Kiernan was a huge success -- and my house wasn't baby proofed at all. People watch their kids. It's going to be okay! Kiernan was not a fan of the HBD song (she didn't cry, just looked bewildered) and she didn't know what to think of her cake at all. It was pretty funny :) Your party's going to be great -- I can't wait to hear/read all about it!

  3. You pretty much just described my life right now!!! I've been up every night this week until like midnight cutting and glueing and tying stuff together!! I feel like I have a lot done but I also feel like I still have so much left to do. I'm so scared of rain and the 10 day forecast is saying afternoon thunderstorms :( I'm going to cry so hard if I have to have the party inside and I also have no idea what I will do with all the kids!!

  4. Oh, I totally remember the wedding nightmares! Don't miss those :) Good luck with the planning - can't wait to see what you do, I know it will be fabulous!

  5. I can remember a few wedding posts of yours. Your wedding + home are beautiful examples of your taste, style and attention to detail so WORRY NOT friend. You totally got this and everything will be GREAT. Back in February I was in the same made you are now and everything turned out GREAT (http://shalabamian.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-party-fit-for-pinterest-hall-of-fame.html). It was the memories that meant the most so I look back and see that the stress I put on myself wasn't worth it. Can't wait to see the post-party reveal!!

  6. Haha aw, Annie...it will turn out perfectly! Brody will LOVE his smash cake, no one will drown primarily or secondarily, and you and all of your guests will have a blast!

    But yes, I totally remember the wedding planning dreams. Holy cow, I had some crazy ones!

  7. It is all going to come together in the best possible way and Brody will love every minute of it!!! I still have wedding nightmares and I have been married for over a year haha!

  8. It's all this stuff yes and I love to plan a party. The most important thing though is to make time for a little fun for you and Brody! I find that through the parties (i've done too many to count) I've had the best ones when I was able to not take on too much and delegate just a bit--- and have some wine! That also helps :-)

  9. I CANNOT wait for pictures! I'm sure it will be wonderful. The best part is - you have the most critical eye and thoughts towards the entire experience. Everyone else will just be glad to celebrate and hang out! xo

  10. I think the first birthday party stress is pretty unavoidable. We lived in a very small house when my daughter turned one and her birthday was in August. I couldn't fit anyone in the house and it was too hot to put them in the backyard so we did a tiny party with family. It was supposed to be no-stress but I found a way to stress myself out anyway. I stayed up until 3am every night the week before the party trying to finish the movie I made of her first year. I don't even know if I slept the night before. But it all turned out in the end. And so will your sons! Can't wait to see pictures when it's all done.

  11. I'm sure the party will be fabulous...and no matter how Brody behaves, it will be memorable!

  12. I bet the party will be a hit!! Don't you worry girl!

  13. Planning kids' parties is an ordeal for sure but it will turn out great!!

  14. Brody's party is going to be great!! It sounds like you have truly thought of everything! We did a large party at home for my oldest when he turned 1 and I swore I wouldn't do it again - it was stressful! I think everyone had fun but I was so busy entertaining I didn't spend anytime with him on his birthday! Make sure you enjoy it too! I cannot wait for pictures!

  15. I'm a worry wort too so I feel you! I'm already worried about trying to get pregnant, then there's actually being pregnant, then there's having a baby. Now I guess there's planning his first birthday! Yikes! Can't wait to see how the party goes! I'm sure it'll be fab! And what baby doesn't smash their cake?! Brody will be fine!