Thoughts for Thursday | A New Look

Do ya'll notice something different around here???

I didn't mention the new look yesterday because it wasn't complete, but I have had so much fun working with Laura Wyatt Design to complete the look.

The truth is, I only had my other blog design for about a year and a half, but it started driving me crazy to look at.  Not because it wasn't pretty, but the cursive writing was hard to read and so not me and the bright coral (one of my favorite colors) was just too bold and not the color I wanted to see every day.

This look. This look is much more me!  This blue grey color is my absolute favorite and pretty much the color that my entire house is inspired by.  It is so calming to look at it and the gold adds the perfect touch of glamour.  I always love a splash of metallic whether it's in my home, part of my outfit or decorating for a party.

Stay tuned this week because she's helping me out with a fun About Me page too!!  I hope ya'll love the new design as much as me and it makes your reading experience a little more enjoyable and hopefully easier to navigate!

Lots of love to all of you that are new around here.  I appreciate your kind words and continuous support.  Your comments mean the world and I am so happy that I can be a part of this blog world.

I also just started a Facebook page for the blog, so please join here and if you don't already follow me on Instagram, you can follow here!


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  1. I love it!! I'm working on a new one too and I can't wait!!

  2. It looks great!!! I'll keep Laura in mind when I'm ready for a new design!

  3. Looks so awesome!! I'm in the process of choosing a new layout and there are so many pretty choices out there!! Love the color scheme you went with!

  4. HI !
    I am new to your blog, found it linked from someone elses blog and have been enjoying your posts. Your new header is great but i am having a hard time reading your posts, the font awesome, the colour is such a pale pink that i really have to strain to see it on my screen. FYI
    All the best

  5. This looks great! I love it so much and don't have any trouble reading the text (per a comment above). Love, love, love it!

  6. I think the new design is great as well but like the above poster I am having a heck of a time reading the print. I am reading on a desktop/laptop so I wonder if it's easier on a mobile device. Other than that it's awesome!

  7. thanks so much for your kind words, Annie!!! i love the new look! xo

  8. Love the new look!! I still haven't made a facebook page- I'm not sure I want some of my random fb friends to read my blog- like my husband's boss!

  9. It is definitely a beautiful design! I just thought I'd mention that if you hover over your signature with the social media icons it won't let you click past the 'pin it' button. At least I couldn't, maybe there is a trick I don't know.