Five on Friday

Happy Friday to everyone! 
Linking up with the Five on Friday ladies again today...

I shared photos of our new house this week on the blog.  If you missed it, you can see the photos here.  One of my favorite things about reading blogs is getting a glimpse into others home's.  I love house tours and seeing the way others decorate.  I scoured lots of design blogs when we were drawing plans for our house and picking out all the details.  Thank you to all of you that show off your homes.  They are all inspiring and have something unique and different to offer.  I hope mine can do the same.  

Jessica at Little Baby Garvin is sharing one of her famous chalk arts.  She's offering this one as a free printable for an 8x10 size.  I love them.  

Don't miss out on an opportunity to enter this fabulous giveaway for a personalized Easter basket and bunny for someone special.  The giveaway ends on Sunday evening and winner will be announced on Monday.  

This week has been absolutely amazing weather.  It has me so ready for summer that I can hardly stand it (minus bikini season).  I feel like I have run the little man all over town this week trying to soak up all the sun and water we can.  Look at the little picture in the bottom right of him passed out in the shade on the beach.  Sweet little fella :) 

Speaking of bikini season, I have been trying to get my butt in gear for summer.  I am FINALLY back to my pre-pregnancy weight (it took 9 months), but still have so far to go.  I know that sounds terrible, but I need to tone and I feel the need to get back to my wedding weight (only 6 months before I got pregnant) to really feel great.  Unfortunately, I have never been good at focusing on just one thing; so I'm not doing this perfectly but I've enlisted the help of Shaun T and using T25!  Has anyone seen these infomercials or done the T-25 workouts???  They are only 25 minutes which is so perfect for me at home and they make you sweat and feel like you got a full workout in.  I did his Insanity workouts before my wedding, so I'm excited to have a shorter more modified workout now.   

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. T25 is AMAZING. You'll see results really, really quickly. (My problem is I go strong for 3 weeks and then somehow take a couple months off... I'm about to start over again for the zillionth time.) Hope you enjoy it! And get ready to sweat :)

  2. I lost all my baby weight too but I feel like I am all flab and mush these days! Good job on the T25- I might need to try it- I need something short that gets fast results. I'm going now to look at your home tour!! I need to share more of my house on the blog- I always mean to and then forget.

  3. I think running baby around to catch all the sun and water you can is a great mommy thing to do. Most appropriate. :)

  4. Your little man is too sweet!! I hope I have a kiddo someday that will nap on the beach with me :) :) happy Friday, pretty mama!!