Baby Brody : Month 10

Happy 10 Months Brody Man!!!

10 Months (April 27th)

Weight:  22 pounds and 29.5 inches


Night time sleep has been awesome this month.  7pm to 7am is your typical schedule.  Naps have been a bit more erratic.  We have bounced back and forth between days of one nap vs two.  When you only nap once a day, it's usually from 11am-1pm.  It works out okay, but I am still pushing for 2 naps which we get some days and not others...

You are still getting 4 bottles a day with 6-8 oz of formula.  You eat 3 meals a day (breakfast,lunch and dinner) with a snack sometimes in the afternoon.  You are eating pureed baby food with a few finger foods...butternut squash, pancake, eggs, avocado, sweet potato, banana

You still have gagged/thrownup from some puffs this month.  I'm not sure if its the texture or what.  You started mastering them (or so it seemed) and then you got a cold and seemed to be swallowing mucus and it was making you sick.  Maybe one day you will master food with a little texture....

7am Wake Up and drink bottle
8am Breakfast
9-930 Nap  (1 to 1.5 hr)
11pm bottle
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Nap (sometimes)
3pm Bottle/snack
5pm Dinner
630-7pm Bath/Bedtime with bottle

- You got a cold this month (2nd one ever.  Your last one was last month)  You had runny nose, congestion and a cough.  You went on amoxicillian for an ear infection.  It lasted a good two weeks.  

-bottle - you love your milk so much
- monkey paci - you have started to become attached to this where you used to only like it when you were going to bed
-bath time
-exploring all over the house and getting into everything you're not supposed to
-Mickey Mouse Club house

Diaper Changes
Putting Clothes on
You hate the time between getting out of the bath tub and getting your bottle.  This means getting a  diaper on you, lotion on, getting pajamas on you is pure hell.  You've been doing this for several months now.  I'm ready for that drama to end! 

Walking! You took your first step the day you turned 9 months and have been mastering your wobbly technique all month long!
You have finally mastered "the pincher" where you can pick up food on your own and eat it.
You shake your head "No" which is hilarious
You still only say Mama sometimes and same with bye bye
We celebrated your first Easter

Places You've Gone:
We've gone to the beach several times this month and the splash pad by our house a couple times too!

Kate, Karen and Megan came to visit you all the way from NYC, Philly and Charlotte!
Your new cousin, William Wayne Adams

Cousin William born on April 5th

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  1. Cutie!! Can you believe they are 10 months old already?! I could have written most of this post! Diaper and clothes changes are miserable in our house- somedays I'm tempted to just let him run around in a diaper because I can't stand it!