Month Three Favorites

Month Three Favorites

As the little man spends more and more time awake during the day, it's been my job to keep him entertained.  Month three is slightly tricky because they are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings, yet really can't entertain themselves.  We have continued to stay on an "eat, play, sleep" routine and have been trying out new things to utilize during the "play" time.  

We love the Bumbo and my mother-in-law gave us the FP Swing Seat at one of our showers and mostly he has been too small to utilize it until recently.   He is now able to sit in it comfortably and start to slap at the little toys that hang.  This seat is also nice because it is light-weight and easy to move around, so I sometimes have it in my bathroom while getting ready or have brought it along for our road trips as a portable swing.

The carseat has been a really fun challenge for us.  Basically, I'm willing to try anything to make him happy in there these days.  Sometimes he will put himself to sleep, but when he doesn't, he is usually crying his eyes out.  One thing that has been a real savior a lot is the Rockabye Baby CDs.  They can shut him up pretty quick lately and they are a lot of fun to listen to.  I will sometimes put on the Rockbye Baby Pandora Station and my husband and I will play a little game of "Name this Song."  It's actually fun to listen to.  I use the giraffe, Angel Dear Blankie and the stroller links in the carseat as well!

We still absolutely adore our stroller, but more specifically, we love the bassinet!  I will be very sad the day he grows out of it.  The weather has been great recently and I like to take him for a walk every morning and he has a ball in that bassinet.  I hang toys from the stroller links and he plays with them the whole time.  A lot of times he falls asleep on our walks as well.  I also gave a link to the bassinet stand which I don't own, but is great to use next to your bedside when baby is still sleeping in your room.

The FP Rock N' Play sleeper has come in handy again this month as we took a couple of road trips and it was the perfect thing to pack for him to sleep in.  It's lightweight, easy to fold and throw in the car and he sleeps SO well in it.  I wasn't ready for him to sleep in a big pack N' play yet, so this worked out great.

Any suggestions for 3 month olds?  How about car seat entertainment??

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