House Update : Countertops, Lighting, Faucets and Exterior Paint

The house is painted!!!  I love the way the color turned out and am so happy with the look of the painted brick!  

Columns on the covered back porch

We have started hanging lights in the house.  These hang over the kitchen island.

Countertops on the master tub and fireplace

Faucets set in the master bathroom

Countertops set in the man cave 


We're getting there......


  1. Your house looks like it's going to be so gorgeous! Do you happen to know what kind of marble is used in the master bath? I like that the veining in it isn't too grey and looks like it's more brown tones. (I'm trying to pick marble too, ha!)

    Thanks so much! Gorgeous choices!

    1. Thanks Emily! It's called Rhino White and we absolutely love it. Hope everything is going well with your house!