Five on Friday

{One} Pet Costume Contest at Adams Homes -  My company (aka my Dad's company) is hosting our 2nd Annual Pet Costume Contest on Facebook this year.  We had so much fun with the contest last year, that we decided to do it again.  Go to the Adams Homes facebook page and upload your entry for a chance to win a $50 giftcard to PetSmart!  The contest ends on Oct 31st and the winners will be announced the following week!

{Two}  Need a last minute DIY Halloween Costume Idea??  Go to Lauren Conrad's blog and check out 5 of her ideas.  I love this one of Regina George from Mean Girls.  

{Three}  Bar Stool Finds at Marshalls -  We have a fairly new Marshalls in town and it's clean and has some great items at certain times.  I was in there the other day and found these barstools.   Unfortunately, I did not purchase them; but have to share in case anyone is shopping for bar stools.  These were a steal.  

They had 2 of these beauties for $150 each...I've seen very similar on other websites for $600-$800 each. 

These I thought were really fun and I was looking for a set of 4 barstools, but with kids and for my own back, I didn't like the idea of having barstools with no back in our main kitchen area.  But, they were only $50 each!! Someone snag them!

{Four} The Fall front door - We were hoping to be in the new house come the holidays, but we're not; so let's make the best of where we are (which does happen to be a beautiful home my Momis so graciously letting us live in.)  So here's to us making the front entrance scream Fall! 

{Five}  Morgan, over at Pampers and Pearls, said it best :   Wehave decided to start our very first link-up together; "Wednesday Wishlist!" This will be a place for all bloggers to link up with things they are wishing for that day/week!  It could be one item or a list of things; whatever you are wishing you could buy, wear, say, do, travel to, look like, be like, not look or be like, etc...  The possibilities are endless!!!  I hope you will all link-up with us on Wednesday and share your wishes.  After all...
"A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes..."

Have a great weekend!! We are excited to relax at home this weekend (I'm barely recovered from last weekend still) with just one football party on the books!!


  1. i love the Regina George costume idea!!!

    happy friday!!

    -sami @ yoursmineandours2013.blogspot.com

  2. haha cant wait to check out the pet costumes- our miss Emma probably wouldn't keep one on! -Beautiful door decor! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Jessi! Hope you could submit one for the pet costume :)

  3. Hey Annie! Love the "Wishlist Wednesday" idea! I have been doing a "favorite things" post on Wednesdays, but it's essentially a wish list. Can't wait for next week. Also, thank you so much for the great paint tips. We love Revere Pewter, and we will probably use it upstairs and in our master! xo

    1. Glad you'll join the link-up! I think it was Kiel Gross that had told me about your blog. So glad I found it :)

  4. That Regina costume idea is hilarious! Love that your company does a pet costume contest!

  5. Oh my the Regina George costume is hilarious.

    yay for pet costumes, just tried our dog's out..she wasn't too happy.
    happy friday!

  6. OMG the Regina George outfit is priceless. Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend!