Five on Friday

{One}  My very favorite pregnancy dresses are all on sale right now for 50% off!!  I can't believe it.  Honestly, I want to purchase one or two just to have for the next go round.  That's so pathetic.  So for all my pregnant friends out there, do yourself a favor and go purchase one of these.   

{Two}  Gap Sale!  They run sales a lot so I would suggest to never pay full price online with them.  I love the Gap for baby girl clothes, but unfortunately, I'm not crazy about their boy clothes at all.  I had to pick a few of my favorites.  They are running a 30% off sale right now with the code GAPFRIENDS.  It ends Sunday. 

Love mixing the polka dots and stripes!

{Three} Southwestern Grilled Sweet Potato Salad -- This looks so amazing and I love sweet potatoes and is a perfect end of summer dish!  I hope to make this soon.  

 {Four} I love this artwork for a nursery.  They have lots of cute ones to choose from.  

{Five}  Treadmill workout to help inspire me to lose the baby weight!  I like this one because it's quick and effective.