House Update : Roofing

They started laying the roof this week! Hooray!

We're pretty happy with the roof color so far.  Our neighborhood requires tile roofing and most of them in the neighborhood are very RED.  I dislike the red a lot and we did our best to pass the architectural  review board with something with a little more brown.

Wrapped the carriage house this week too. Hopefully we will finally be done framing by the end of this month.  We'll see.  That will make 4 months of framing when we thought it might only take 6 weeks or 8 at the most! 

Our real fireplace in the family room!

And here's a peek from the weekend:  Matt's family threw me a baby shower on Sunday which was a lot of fun.  My sister-in-law took all the photos so I will have to wait until I get them from her, but this was all I had on my iPhone!


  1. Red bricks are good choice of color for tile roofing. I think that's the reason my most of the homeowners preferred it. But I must agree, brown bricks look lovelier and can make your house look remarkable as the other houses out there have the same colors.

    Richard Boles

  2. Was it a requirement in your neighborhood to have red bricks for tile roofing? If I were in there, I will comply, but I will make it a point to install a different shade of red brick (if there's any), just to give my house a unique appeal.

  3. I agree. The color of your roof is lovely! And for you to keep it's color deep and alive, see to it that you wash the roof at least twice a year. Not only to remove the dirt concealing its beauty, but also to make the roof tiles last longer.