Charlotte Trip

Annabelle's 1st Birthday Weekend:

I got to Charlotte on Friday evening and went straight to Karen's house to see Annabelle and Kate and Ben who were in town with Ms. Ella who is just 2 months old.  I was so excited to meet her.  We hung out around the house on Friday night and ordered pizza and visited as we got ready for the big birthday celebration on Saturday for this little cutie:

Annabelle turns One!

 The happy parents!

Annabelle deciding what to think of this cupcake

I was excited to hang out with Kate and the baby.  Little Ella is so cute and sweet.  I could have held her the entire weekend.  How adorable are those little baby Uggs???

The babies...
Little angel

Me with the hostess, Karen!

Holding little Annabelle whenever she would let me!  She's getting quite mobile.

And then on Saturday afternoon after the party was over, we had this crazy snow storm in Charlotte.  I have never seen flakes so big in my life. I swear, even in Colorado.  It was so much fun.  We went out in Karen's front yard and watched all the kids have a blast in the snow. 

How adorable is she all bundled up in her snowsuit???

The kids were actually sledding down their front yards. It was so cute.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, but we had a great weekend.  I was so glad that I could make it for the festivities.  It was great to visit and catch up with old friends and also meet and play with their little offspring.  I still can't believe we're married and having babies when just a few short years ago we were wondering what bar we were going to go to on a Tuesday night and what boy we were going to bring on our sorority date function....times have certainly changed.

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