The Name....

We really had a boy name and a girl name picked out that we both liked before we ever got pregnant.   I didn't know if those would really stick once we actually got pregnant though.  But, it did.  Once we found out we were having a boy, we both went straight to the name we had discussed in the past.  

Brody Charles Malone

The name Brody is just a name we both loved.  Matt actually thought he got the name from the movie Point Break with Keanu Reeves, but turns out the name in the movie is actually Body.  Ha! We did love the name Brody before the show Homeland came out too and luckily, the show has only made me love the name even more and not less.  

Charles is the name of Matt's grandfather.  It was his Mother's Father's name.  We really liked the name and how traditional it and that it is a family name!

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